We want to be part of a remarkable progress. Do you?

Ideas come and go. The challenging part with all ideas is to set the right growth and breeding ground. Thus, we initiated the Cebon Incubator.

This is a company which gathers internal and external ideas about new businesses and business developments and convert them to plans. What we provide is the knowledge, experience, broad networks and capital that your innovation or business idea needs to be realized.

Pitch your idea today

With over 35 years of experience, we have created a broad global network which has brought niched products and solutions with strong individual touch and perspective. Finding problems and converting them into ideas has always been our key motivator.

We love hearing about new and inspiring ideas because we believe in individuals who are brave, curious and dares to be a maverick. Do you have these ideas and want to join our mission in creating new, attractive businesses? Contact us and let us make tomorrow even better - together.