Let's make tomorrow better

Without a map, but with a strong inherent compass. Maybe you can sum up our journey with these words. When we started Cebon in the 1980s, we had no idea where we were going. Throwing oneself into the journey was simply more important than knowing the goal.

In success stories, people often talk about a fine balance between courage and skill. But we should probably, as forty years later, add a real handful of naive optimism. None of us knew what we were getting ourselves into when we boarded the plane to Hong Kong to have a meeting with the Gold Peak Group. But it went well, and we were able to start selling GP Batteries in Sweden. Times were different, but the need for batteries only grew while technological development constantly enabled new niches and business areas. The number of employees increased, the markets expanded to new countries and new business areas were incorporated into the group.

We empower people and ideas

Our joint innovation journey has taken Cebon from a small garage in Hisingen, Gothenburg to a global arena where we have the opportunity to develop and invest in trends and business ideas that we believe in. Our philosophy provides a picture of what can be expected of us as a customer, partner and employee.

Our charter

Shape a better tomorrow

The human ability to invent new things is changing our society. Let's do it in the best possible way. For us, freedom is a basic precondition for real innovation. With freedom comes responsibility. Each individual contributes to our collective intelligence and together we create and sell solutions that enable a better everyday life. Solutions that many take for granted and probably do not even reflect on. So, what do innovations such as batteries and plastic collection have in common with fire extinguishers? Well, they firmly stand on three legs: sustainability, empowerment and security.