We empower people and ideas

When others feel that everything is fine and nothing can get any better. That’s when we set a new direction. We try to see what doesn’t exist today and find solutions to needs no-one thinks they have. Idea and innovation development that changes people's everyday lives.

Our latest idea

At Cebon, we question the conventional and disrupt old truths. A new entity called Cebon Incubator has therefore been establish to capture and grow new business ideas...
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Are you a technical explorer?

Cebon invests in innovation, from ideas to long-lasting business. We know what it takes to take the step from idea to sustainable company. Let´s explore the future together.
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The curious ones

For us, everything started with three technical explorers in a garage in Gothenburg, Sweden back in the late 1980s. Today, we are a global company that develops and invests in business ideas that we believe in. Always with a clear safety and sustainability profile.
Our philosophy