About us

This is Cebon

Cebon Group was founded in 1986 by Stefan Rundéus, Anders Lundin and Gunnar Axelsson and is a company managing brands and businesses within safety and energy solutions. Today we are present primarily on the European market, and with a head office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We empower people and ideas so that they can shape a better tomorrow

The human ability to invent new things is changing our society. Let's do it in the best possible way. For us, freedom is a basic precondition for real innovation. With freedom comes responsibility.

Each individual contributes to our collective intelligence and together we create and sell solutions that enable a better everyday life. Solutions that many take for granted and probably do not even reflect on.

So, what do innovations such as batteries and energy storage systems have in common with fire extinguishers? Well, they firmly stand on three legs: sustainability, empowerment and security.