’We empower people and ideas’, what does that mean?

To give you some background; We’ve been in business for close to 40 years. Starting from zero. Our main focus historically has been in energy, batteries, lighting and fire safety.

Even though our company and the number of colleagues we have has grown a lot since the founding of the company, we’re still the same in many ways. Entrepreneurial, curious and eager to dig into ‘the next thing’. Always under the tagline of Greener and Safer.

Pitch your idea today

By having 120 colleagues,

more than 3000 customers in a wide variety of segments, offices in seven countries, shipping over 35,000 shipments annually and selling our products in more than 10 countries, we have experience and resources to support great ideas💡

Over the years we have met a lot of people, we’ve established customer relationships that has lasted for many years and found new innovative suppliers that supports our daily work.
Many of the segments we are working in have changed dramatically over the years, so to survive and develop, so have we.
We believe that today’s ideas are tomorrow’s business.

In our experience, people who are in development and who are growing, are happier, engaged and more energized.
People with energy creates more and at a higher level.
So, in short, to be able to jointly create a better tomorrow,
we empower people and ideas.

If you have an idea, an innovation or an opportunity you
would like to discuss with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.