blue economy
Jan 31, 12:14 PM


Cebon Group has a partnership together with Bjurtech, with the goal to generate an electric boat.

Bjurtech is a company which has designed and prototyped a 100% solar powered boat - `Freepower´- to combat global warming and fuel poverty in the fishing industry. The aim with Freepower is to replace fossil fules in the maritime sector with renewable alternatives. Therefore, they have developed an electricy boat that is self-sufficient with solar energy​.

It has received a lot of international attention as the WEF (World Economic Forum) has selected Freepower as one of 12 Top Innovators globally in their "The Coastal Tourism Challange". In addition it has won electrical boat competitions such as Guisses Award 2021, Grunderprisen 2021, and the Nordic top 50.

Cebon Group has, together with Bjurtech, invested resources to develop this electric boat that now is available for sale.

Check out Freepower's website here