blue economy
Jan 31, 12:14 PM


Cebon Group is investing in the Blue economy, to make it easier for excavations and conservations in the ocean, through a boat that is semi submersible.​

As Cebon Group was born and raised on of Sweden's largest islands, the sea has always been close in mind and soul. Thus, when the opportunity to invest in the blue economy emerged, it was a given call.

More than 10 years ago, a man called François-Alexandre Bertrand, was diving in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. He realised that diving and going by boat were two compleately different experiences. Thus, an idea was then born, to develop something which more or less could combine these two experiences.

Platypus is a semi submersible boat which can be useful in many different ways. For the environmental cause, it can be used for excavations and conservations in the ocean; cleaning the ocean and exploring the biodiversity. It is also something which can be used by underwater workers, as well as tourists.

Check out Platypus' website here