solar energy
Jan 31, 12:14 PM


Cebon Group has a partnership with Trine, a Swedish authorized payment institution, to invest in solar energy in growing markets.

Since 2017, Cebon Group has worked together with Trine. Trine’s mission is to make it easier for private investors and companies to invest in solar energy in growing markets.

Throughout the years, the partnership has contributed to many impactful investments. For instance, GP Batteries have had a campaign called Green investment, where an amount from each sold battery and lightning product were invested in several projects which contributes to more people getting access to clean energy in the form of solar energy.

Our most recent investment was in a green logistical provider, Bisedge Limited, where the objective is to phase out diesel generated machines used in the logistical sector in Nigeria, and instead provide with for example modern electric vehicles. At the same time, Bisedge establishes a training academy for female professionals within the sector, to increase the number of women in the sector.

So far, in total our investments have contributed to providing approximately 16 000 people with electricity and avoided around 7 000 tons of CO2.

Go and check out Trine's website here