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Jan 31, 02:39 PM

Cebon Group establishes Cebon Incubator

Cebon Group sets up the company Cebon Incubator to capture and grow new business ideas and recruit business developer Ulf Sandberg as Head of Incubator.

From its beginning, Cebon Group has taken ideas and turned them around into realities. Since we are an entrepreneur driven company there are many ideas coming from the employees, and at the same time, proposals are coming from external partners. With our mission to empower people and ideas, we are now taking the next step with Cebon Group’s core business and establish Cebon Incubator. This is a company which will gather internal and external ideas about new businesses and business developments and convert them to plans. Thanks to our many years so of experience, a broad network has been established and knowledge has been developed, and all of this, together with capital is something that Cebon Incubator will contribute with.

As a part of establishing Cebon Incubator, a Head of Incubator has been recruited: Ulf Sandberg, a long time experienced Gothenburger, who has wide skills and experiences in business development, international relations, go to market strategies etc., always with a strong relational build-up tone.

Ulf Sandberg, Head of Incubator at Cebon Incubator is eager to get it going:

"For me it’s inspiring to dig into new ideas and technologies, to learn about innovative ways of approaching challenges. That is for me what Incubators are about. To listen, to learn, to support and to nourish, to try to understand how and what can be done. Will this brilliant idea fit into what we do today? Will we be able to turn this idea into a new commercial product, a new department or even a new entity, where people can make their dreams come true? For logical reasons not all ideas will fly. Some will potentially be stored in a drawer, at least for a while."

Words from Stefan Rundéus, CEO Cebon Group:

"This is a very important step for the Cebon Group and will further secure our relevance and attractivity in the surrounding market environment going forward, and enabling us to capture, explore and develop our independence and long-term abilities."

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