Jan 31, 12:12 PM

First supplier with new extinguisher assortment, completely free from PFAS

With a brand new PFAS-free range of fire extinguishers, GPBM Nordic with the brand CGS is taking the lead in the green transition. The phase-out in Sweden is already ongoing since the beginning of September.

"As the first supplier, we offer a complete range of environmentally friendly fire extinguishers for all situations", says Martin Kintom, Product Manager for Fire Extinguishers at GPBM Nordic.

PFAS is a synthetic chemical substance that is harmful to both nature and humans. Yet the presence of PFAS is increasing, including in drinking water. Today, regulation is underway in the EU to severely restrict the use of PFAS on the market.

"We know that PFAS is a dangerous substance and will be banned in the long term, which is why we as a company have decided to remove it, we want to be at the forefront when it comes to protecting people and the environment", says Martin Kintom.

He says that today the company has developed a complete alternative with the market's widest range of environmentally friendly fire extinguishers. The premium product is X-Fog, a PFAS and surfactant-free fire extinguisher for A-rated fires, i.e., fires in organic materials such as wood, textiles, and paper.

"Today PFAS foam extinguishers are available in most public environments such as schools, hotels, and other businesses, but you don't need a B-rated extinguisher in all these situations, X-Fog is an adequate and environmentally friendly alternative in public environments."

At the same time, he says, you should of course use a B-rated extinguisher, when necessary, i.e. in environments where flammable liquid fires can occur.

"For these situations, we have developed a PFAS-free B-rated extinguisher, which is part of our green range."

We now offer a complete range of fire extinguishers, all of which are PFAS-free. These include pure water extinguishers, X-Fog, water with additive and a PFAS-free foam extinguisher. In addition, there is a range of fire extinguishers based on the extinguishing agent AVD, which is designed for fires in lithium-ion batteries. AVD is based on the mineral vermiculite and is completely environmentally friendly.

"AVD is the only product on the market that has a vertical adhesion, which means that it does not run off like water but creates a solid surface that encapsulates the fire core and extinguishes the fire."

The full new range is now on its way to the market and will be delivered gradually to dealers over the coming months. At the same time, as of 1 September, all models containing PFAS have been discontinued in Sweden.

The next step is to proceed with the phase-out in Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

“The industry now needs to rethink its choices if future generations are to have the opportunity to enjoy clean drinking water. The options are now available.”

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