Mar 3, 09:26 AM

New collaboration between Cebon Group and Ligna Energy - for sustainability within IoT.

Cebon Group, through the subsidiary Sparq Technology, and Ligna Energy have signed a cooperation agreement which means that both parties will work actively to create awareness for sustainable solutions within IoT.

There is a great demand for innovative battery products that make a more negligible impact on the environment, precisely what these two companies want to take advantage of in their work.

”In 2025, there will be 150 000 Internet of Things-devices connecting to the internet globally every minute. These devices need to be powered by something, in many cases with batteries. This will lead to an estimated 75 000 000 batteries powering IoT devices being dumped daily in that same year. The vision of our company is, therefore, to offer a better and more sustainable solution for the IoT market, where technology cooperates with nature”, says Peter Ringstad, CEO at Ligna Energy.

Ligna’s supercapacitor, made of bio-based materials, focuses on self-powering electronics and is highly suitable for the IoT market. A product, considering its size, offers excellent sustainability impact with low energy for a more extended amount of time.

Greater awareness of sustainability
To bring a change in society, the knowledge of existing solutions must be spoken about by a broader mass of people. New technologies and innovative solutions with sustainability as the leading star is something that both Cebon Group and Ligna Energy are familiar with:

”Cebon Group offers expertise and products within battery solutions and energy storage systems with a clear sustainability profile. Together with Ligna, we will combine our passion for finding new innovative ways to store energy without harming the environment”, says Jérome Noris, General Manager – GPBM Industry.

15 million for the project
The collaboration between Cebon Group and Ligna got a great start at the beginning of their dialogue. Both parties have noticed a significant curiosity for the product they are now offering from different suppliers on the European market. The first meeting has led to a shared vision and a clear picture of how the product will be introduced to the IoT industry.

Cebon Group, with a solid background and over 35 years of experience within the battery industry, will now support Ligna in exploring the market and finding the best applications for this unique and futuristic product.

”We appreciate Cebon Group for their product- and application knowledge related to decades of experience in electrical storage. And to kick off our collaboration, we are delighted to announce we’ve been approved for the Eurostars grant with a project scope of 15 MSEK. This grant will add valuable resources to bring our products to the market, says Peter Rangstad happily.

“Ligna’s innovative product and sustainable profile align perfectly with the vision of Sparq Technology, our start-up company within Cebon Group. Our new collaboration feels very valuable for both of us because we can now widen our product portfolio with a product that means a lot for the IoT industry!” Jérome Noris concludes