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Jan 31, 02:39 PM

Eyes are set on a sustainable energy future - here and now

We ignite tomorrow, that’s the statement that will lead Cebon Group’s latest addition Sparq into the future. A future that currently points to a continued tense period concerning the energy situation. A sustainable future is something we collectively work towards, not least in this area – Sparq, with their expertise in sustainable energy storage systems and energy solutions, is perhaps the best of these two worlds?

A new company has set its roots in Gothenburg, Sweden, under the safe roof of Cebon group. The owner company was established in 1986 and has since accuired companies in the battery/energy storage, lighting and fire safety fields. Sparq is Cebon Group’s newest subsidiary – a startup with a collective knowledge bank from the past 35 years. Victor Olsson, Sales Team Leader på Sparq, says;

“Cebon’s latest venture, Sparq, will focus on innovative and sustainable battery and energy storage systems with the goal of exploring new business areas for the group, and contribute to a better tomorrow.”

Sparq has a clear sustainability profile in its corporate approach. Their focus is on the energy solutions of the future applied here and now, for a sustainable energy future in the long run from several aspects. Not least when it comes to sustainable long-term relationships with business partners and clients. The company targets OEM companies in the industry and offers customized solutions for the needs that arise;

"Sparq wants to facilitate the process of finding the right energy solution and implementing it for product development companies, projectors, installers and other stakeholders by contributing deep knowledge and expertise in energy storage and battery systems”, Olsson continues.

Sparq wants to ignite tomorrow by expanding the electrification of our society in the near term and boost the overall sustainability work in the industry in the long term. Quality, expertise, innovation, sustainability and compassion are the core values that will light the way there.

Sparq is a technical company with deep understanding of energy solutions, energy storage and HMI. We are experienced with projects of various sizes, from single cells to large container energy storage systems, and we also have the competence and experience to combine battery solutions – such as HMI, harness, chargers, BMS and more. We make accurate quality controls of our suppliers to make sure we always deliver high quality products, and we are proud to say that we can offer a European production of energy solutions.